Corporate Giving


Each year, College Park Family Care donates a percentage of income to charitable causes. Our giving is focused in two areas, missions work and healthcare for an urban Kansas City area. Over the past four years, our practice has donated more than $500,000 to these activities, including $33,000 to support employee mission trips. We also support natural disaster relief efforts by matching employee donations to Heart-to-Heart International and funding provider mission trips, including medications, to areas that need our support.


Many College Park providers and employees take part in mission work, volunteering their time and medical expertise in underdeveloped countries and communities in crisis. As a Christ-centered practice, we accommodate and encourage mission leaves so that our providers can offer compassionate care to people in need around the world. In recent years, our providers and employees have been part of international missions in various parts of Africa, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, India, Mexico, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Scotland, Sri Lanka and Romania. For most mission leaves, College Park Family Care donates funds to help cover some portion of the employee’s expenses.

The Hope Center

Hope Family Care Center

In 2009, College Park Family Care partnered with The Hope Center to establish the Hope Family Care Center, a primary-care practice located at 31st and Prospect. Hope Family Care Center is a volunteer-based practice that provides residents in Kansas City, Missouri’s east-side neighborhoods with access to high quality health care. Several College Park doctors and staff members volunteer at the center, including Dr. Tom Kettler, Dr. Jeff Earl, and Dr. Mitzi Groves.

Visit the Hope Family Care Center website.