Patient Education

Healthy Heart Class Series:

College Park Family Care Center has expanded their existing Nutrition and Wellness Classes by adding two more optional classes to the already popular Healthy Heart and Metabolic Syndrome classes!

Heart disease continues to be the # 1 cause of death in America!   College Park Nutrition Services have created 2 foundational classes to equip you, the patient, with the information and tools you need to prevent the occurrence or slow the progression of heart disease and/or diabetes. Consider attending and take the first steps to a healthier YOU! Healthy Heart and Metabolic Pre-Diabetes  Classes meet the 2nd and 4th Mondays monthly:

2nd Monday Monthly: Class #1: Healthy Heart Class:  Will help you understand your personal risk for heart disease and what to do about it based on the latest research.  Learn how to displace the unhealthy fats in your diet with heart healthy protective fats which can help you decrease your total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol!

4th Monday Monthly: Class #2: Metabolic Pre-Diabetes Class (Healthy Heart in Balance): Will help you understand Cardio-metabolic Syndrome (Pre-Diabetes) and the keys to preventing and treating it with balanced diet and lifestyle.  This class will include an understanding of balancing quality carbohydrates with lean proteins and healthy fats as well as strategies for decreasing Triglycerides and reducing insulin resistance.

*Optional Classes to expand and compliment what you learned in Class 1 & 2 and great for patients who just want to learn about healthy eating and exercise: meeting alternate 3rd Mondays monthly.

 Healthy Heart Food First:  This class is a Tour de Food for the grocery store, your home pantry and refrigerator, tips for dining out and basics on how to prepare simple healthy meals.  Come ready to get new recipe resources, food ideas and taste healthy food options!

Healthy Heart on the Move: This class will cover getting to the core of improved endurance, strength and flexibility by learning how the human body is Made to Move, so you can support an active lifestyle and achieve lasting weight control.   Come ready to learn new ways to get moving!

All classes will be taught at the College Park Specialty Center in the North door entrance.    These classes will provide a dynamic learning environment that will run from 7-8:30 pm with plenty of time for questions and facilitated by our very own Registered Dietitians!   Pricing will stay the same at $20 per person with an option to bring a spouse or 1 family member for free.


Diabetes Support Group:

Research shows that sharing experiences in groups can enhance behavior change and reduce the burden of living with diabetes.

Consider attending a FREE Diabetes Support Group facilitated by College Park Family Care Center’s Registered Dietitians/Certified Diabetes Educators to:

  1. Learn effective ways to manage your diabetes in a fun, interactive group setting.
  2. Enhance your understanding of the link between healthy eating, weight control and blood sugar management.
  3. Discover the many resources available to support blood sugar monitoring, medication delivery, improved exercise consistency and diet quality.
  4. Taste and See some new recipes and cooking demonstrations to add variety to your daily diet.
  5. Receive the resources and support you need to be as healthy as you can be.

When: 3rd Tuesday each month from 7:00-8:00 PM. 

Where: College Park Specialty Center at 10600 Mastin in the North door entrance.

Detailed brochures on these classes and the support group are available at each of the College Park locations. You must register ahead of time for these services by calling (913)681-8866 or any CPFCC location.

For more information, please contact Nutrition and Wellness Services at (913) 681-8866.